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Theatre Review: Creditors ****

Joy Watters reviews a 'stunningly relevant' production of Strindberg's 19th century play.

Theatre Review: Passing Places ***

Joy Watters reviews the latest production of Stephen Greenhorn's play.

Theatre Review: Long Day's Journey Into Night ***

Michael Cox reviews a very good production that's 'far easier to admire than enjoy'.

Theatre Review: War Horse *****

Michael Cox reviews the 'heartbreakingly brilliant' production.

Theatre Review: McGonagall's Chronicles ****

Joy Watters reviews a 'moving and hilarious' tribute.

Theatre Review: Three Sisters ***

Joy Watters reviews Lung Ha's abridged production of the classic play by Chekhov.

Theatre Review: Richard III ****

Joy Watters reviews a 'bold, fast-moving production'.

Theatre Review: Bingo! ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that's 'moderately fun' but 'manages to disappoint'.

Theatre Review: Deathtrap ***

Joy Watters reviews a production with fun twists and turns but some disappointing elements.

Theatre Review: The Belle's Stratagem ****

Michael Cox reviews a production filled with 'delicious moments of comedic frenzy'.

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