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Theatre Review: Everything Not Saved ****

Michael Cox reviews a clever production about memory.

How to describe Everything Not Saved? I’d argue that any clue as to what happens might give too much away. Even the publicity seems to give too many clues as to what will be found within the hour-long running time.

So, to prevent anything that might register as a spoiler, I’ll be vague. The play’s theme focuses on memory—what it is, how reliable it is and how to trigger false images. Combining projected commentary with a collection of short scenes featuring different scenarios, the production dramatically investigates memory with some astonishing insights and a welcome cheeky sense of humour.

And it is terrific. Cleverly written and performed, Malaprop’s production is tremendous. Audiences might not successfully remember specific details, but surely as a whole it will linger in the mind well past five days.

Everything Not Saved is at Summerhall at 5.50 pm until August 26th.

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