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Theatre Review: Tetra-Decathlon ****

Michael Cox reviews a 'great tribute to determination and the human spirit'.

Lauren Hendry decides to sign up for the tetra-decathlon in the World Championships. Why does she do this? Why not? Hendry starts the production by asking the audience ‘What’s your thing?’ She’s decided that she wants to have participated at the championships, even if she’s dead last.

What follows is a chronicle of writer/performer Hendrey’s training. She has 600 days to shape up, and with the help of a coach and a group of other athletes, Hendry puts herself through unnecessary hell to achieve her goal—a goal that she has no personal or financial need of achieving.

The production works like a long-distance run: it’s has a solid enough start but really picks up steam as it heads to its conclusion, and what starts as a decent enough one-woman show becomes a brilliantly told story that’s as thrilling as it is enjoyable.

Hendry Is a very engaging performer: an effective storyteller who’s easy to empathise with. Effectively directed by Jenna Watt, the production is a great tribute to determination and the human spirit.

Tetra-Decathlon is at Summerhall at 11.55am until August 26th.

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