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21 Jump Street (15)

Action, Comedy

A pair of underachieving cops are sent back to a local high school to blend in and bring down a synthetic drug ring.

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The critical consensus

Holding its middle finger up to ’80s retro-hounds, this remake gets it largely right. Fast, filthy, fresh and funny, Jump is worth a punt.

***(*)(*)James Mottram, Total Film, 05/03/2012

21 Jump Street has that Anchorman experimental-chaos vibe, with all the hit-and-miss moments that implies. It’s completely lunatic and sort of a mess. It’s also the funniest high-school comedy to come out of Hollywood in ages.

****(*)Olly Richards, Empire Online, 12/03/2012

It's often hilariously executed and even when taking things a little too far remains endearing thanks to the appeal of its central duo.

****(*)Rob Carnevale, The List, 12/03/2012

A fairly filthy, funny flick that does nobody any harm.

Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman, 13/03/2012

Its charms wear thin the longer it goes on and the climax is needlessly violent.

***(*)(*)Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express, 14/03/2012

Phil Lord and Chris Miller's picture doesn't know when to quit when it's ahead, but lots of movie in-jokes, a nicely over the top performance by Ice Cube as a police captain, and some ace interplay between Hill and Tatum make this worth the leap.

***(*)(*)Alison Rowat, The Herald, 15/03/2012

You have the right to remain smirking.

****(*)Adam Woodward, Little White Lies, 15/03/2012

21 Jump Street feels like a minor triumph. It’s certainly preferable to any recent Johnny Depp vehicles.

****(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 15/03/2012

A surprisingly perceptive, guffaw-inducingly funny high school comedy.

****(*)Robbie Collin, The Telegraph, 15/03/2012

In its outrageous way, 21 Jump Street has real laughs.

****(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 15/03/2012

The gags keep coming even as the picture veers out of control, its chief handicap obvious from the outset: Hill can do comedy, and Tatum can't.

**(*)(*)(*)Anthony Quinn, The Independent, 16/03/2012

The laughs are very thin on the ground, making this a crime scene of a movie.

David Edwards, Daily Record, 16/03/2012

It's as undisciplined as today's semi-improvised, post-Judd Apatow comedies always are, but it does have a few smart jokes.

Nicholas Barber, The Independent, 18/03/2012

The movie is overlong and obsessively foul-mouthed, which has, quite rightly most will think, attracted a certificate that will prevent a good many members of its target audience from seeing it.

Philip French, The Observer, 18/03/2012

After some dodgy remakes of other 80s shows (The Dukes of Hazzard, The A-Team), this film is a welcome change and with some intelligent surprises up its sleeve, actually makes for satisfying and lively viewing.

****(*)Kat Folan, TV Bomb, 24/03/2012

21 Jump Street (15)

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