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Six-Inch Layer of Topsoil and the Fact It Rains, A

In spring last year, wearing inappropriate footwear and driving a dinky wee car that is quite frankly not cut out for these muddy roads, Perth Theatre’s Artistic Director Lu Kemp and playwright Kieran Hurley set off around rural Perthshire to speak with you, the people who live on this land, about rural life. 

The result is A Six Inch Layer of Topsoil and The Fact it Rains; a night at the theatre that playfully weaves verbatim extracts of these conversations together with music and song to paint a picture of a changing community made up of wonderful characters. We’ll hear from farmers young and old, migrant seasonal workers, climate change campaigners, Lairds and land owners, land reformers, politicians and families as we ask what it means to provide for the future, to nourish and sustain each other, and to live together on this land. 

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The critical consensus

This valuable show makes us think, and think again, about how best to pass that inheritance on to coming generations, without further irreversible damage.

****(*)Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 15/05/2018

It’s a play which lives up to the quality of talent involved, and deserves to exist far beyond its short rural run as an important staged document of its time.

David Pollock, Exeunt, 14/05/2018

Features about Six-Inch Layer of Topsoil and the Fact It Rains, A

Kieran Hurley--A Six Inch Layer of Topsoil and the Fact It Rains

Neil Cooper, Coffee-Table Notes, 10/05/2018

Where and when?

On Tour, from Thursday May 3, 2018, until Saturday May 19, 2018.

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