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Coriolanus Vanishes

Coriolanus Vanishes

Chris has just experienced three deaths, one after another. He’s in prison awaiting trial. But he can’t quite remember why. Read more …

Over the course of one tense, riveting hour we witness him piece together his complex descent from passionate love to shame, devastation and the many, many forms of madness. Just beneath the surface of everyday life there’s complete anarchy lying in wait.

The critical consensus

Leddy's visual sensibility – realised by Becky Minto and lighting designer Nich Smith – matches the distressed poetry of the script to provide a study in personal desperation, economic dishonesty and theatrical finesse.

****(*)Gareth K Vile, The List, 19/04/2017

In this exquisite solo piece, with parallels to Shakespeare’s play, the writer and performer David Leddy gets under the skin of an outsider.

****(*)Mark Fisher, The Guardian, 19/04/2017

There is a certain crispness in Leddy’s writing and in his diction, but, with every shift in colour and shape, the clash between theatrical technique and prose fiction becomes more pronounced.

Mark Brown, Scottish Stage, 20/04/2017

Lean, mean and theatrically audacious, it’s hard to fault this mesmerising yet noxious piece.

Christine Irvine, Exeunt, 21/04/2017

This is a play that is reaching into deep psychological territory. No punches can be pulled. And for the stagecraft alone, Coriolanus is worth the ticket: at times claustrophobic, at times beautiful, always compelling.

*****Matthew Keeley, The Wee Review, 20/04/2017

David Leddy portrays Chris’s recollection of his past in words of memorable, vivid poetry.

*****Marine Furet, Plays to See, 21/04/2017

Features about Coriolanus Vanishes

David Leddy--Coriolanus Vanishes

Neil Cooper, Coffee-Table Notes, 04/04/2017

Coriolanus Vanishes examines how childhood relationships play a role in later life.

Gareth K Vile, The List, 07/04/2017

Where and when?

Tron Theatre, Glasgow from Friday April 14, 2017, until Saturday April 22, 2017. More info:

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