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Case of the Frightened Lady, The

When Inspector Tanner is called in to investigate a ruthless murder at Mark’s Priory, the grand ancestral home of the Lebanon family, he quickly discovers that nothing is quite as it seems. As Tanner moves closer to the heart of the mystery he uncovers a shocking and closely guarded secret. Read more …

The critical consensus

Reliable performances by a host of crowd-pleasing big TV names cannot quite redeem the disappointing script of The Case of the Frightened Lady.

**(*)(*)(*)Hugh Simpson, All Edinburgh Theatre, 27/03/2018

Not perfect, but as the 1941 edition book jacket stated “It is impossible not to be thrilled by Edgar Wallace”.

****(*)Kenneth Scott, Edinburgh Guide, 27/03/2018

The body count doubles, secrets are unearthed, the finger of suspicion is pointed here, there and thither, and a rabbit is pulled from a hat in a gun-totting finale which raises the pulse in an otherwise staid production by The Classic Thriller Theatre Company which like Lady Lebanon’s description of the second victim is quickly forgotten.

Peter Callaghan, Review Sphere, 27/03/2018

Ineffably wooden and ridiculous.

**(*)(*)(*)Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 31/03/2018

There’s nothing groundbreaking or aesthetically significant here, but the typical crowd for a production of this nature likely won’t care. They just want to solve the mystery and figure out the murderer before anyone else!

***(*)(*)Matthew Keeley, The Wee Review, 05/10/2018

Where and when?

King's Theatre, Edinburgh from Monday March 26, 2018, until Saturday March 31, 2018. More info:

Theatre Royal, Glasgow from Tuesday October 2, 2018, until Saturday October 6, 2018. More info:

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