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Richard III

Think House of Cards, as Shakespeare’s darkest, funniest, thriller rips across our stage. Read more …

Three royal brothers, alike in every way but one - only the eldest can wear the crown. A shame for Edward and Clarence then, that their brother, Richard, is youngest… It’s time for them to stand aside, or face the consequences. Richard is on his way up.

Richard is scourge, trail-blazer, and finally king, in this darkly funny, twisted political thriller about grabbing power no matter what the cost. Why be good when being bad is, quite simply, so much fun?

Features about Richard III

Joseph Arkley--Richard III

Neil Cooper, Coffee-Table Notes, 15/03/2018

Where and when?

Perth Theatre, Perth from Saturday March 17, 2018, until Saturday March 31, 2018. More info:

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