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Gagarin Way

Dundee Rep

It’s late, and in a dark computer factory, disillusioned workers Eddie and Gary have a plan to make the ultimate political statement: kidnap a member of senior management, and send a message to the world. Their plot starts to unravel when security guard Tom stumbles in on them. Worse still, the kidnapping hasn’t quite gone to plan. Read more …

In the towns built on former industries, what’s left for the new generation? The mines have closed; capitalism reigns supreme.

Set in Fife, Gagarin Way addresses the departure of socialist values from a region where political radicalism was once the cornerstone of the community. Written by Gregory Burke (Black Watch) and directed by Cora Bissett (Room, Glasgow Girls, Adam and recent Scotsman Fringe First Award-winning What Girls Are Made Of), Gagarin Way offers a stark insight into the harshest realities of Scottish society, tempered with fiery black humour.

The critical consensus

Gagarin Way is a cracking piece of theatre, provocative, black, hilarious, posing a host of political questions in its progress.

****(*)Joy Watters, Across the Arts

The quartet of superb performances drawn out by Bissett put three-dimensional flesh on what could easily be rendered as ciphers in what at times resembles a series of bleakly comic routines.

****(*)Neil Cooper, Coffee-Table Notes, 19/10/2018

Cora Bissett’s brisk and timely Dundee Rep production, which features impressive performances.

****(*)Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 20/10/2018

In Bissett’s hands Burke’s depiction of a bungled heist that sparks a four-pronged political debate is as fresh as ever.

****(*)Allan Radcliffe, 23/10/2018

A scintillating revival of a Scottish classic.

****(*)Claire Wood, The Wee Review, 31/10/2018

Succeeds in capturing both the political truth and the gloriously ludicrous comedy of the play.

Mark Brown, Scottish Stage, 30/10/2018

Features about Gagarin Way

Cora Bissett on her Gagarin Way revival

Amy Taylor, The Skinny, 10/10/2018

Where and when?

Dundee Rep Theatre, Dundee from Tuesday October 16, 2018, until Saturday November 3, 2018. More info:

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