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Two teenagers living a dystopian existence in post-tsunami Japan embark on a campaign of violence against evil wrong doers.

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The critical consensus

Love in this teen flick is less like a red, red rose than a bloody nose.

***(*)(*)Jamie Russell, Total Film, 23/05/2012

Over-the-top but blackly funny along the way.

***(*)(*)David Parkinson, Empire Online, 28/05/2012

Sion's rambling study of a germ-filled Japanese adolescence is wildly uneven in tone.

**(*)(*)(*)Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent, 01/06/2012

Sono retains his go-for-the-throat approach, but the violence here somehow connects with the brutal economic conditions, and he fosters very tender, affecting performances from Shôta Sometani and Fumi Nikaidô as his crushed young lovers.

****(*)Mike McCahill, The Guardian, 31/05/2012

Although Himizu is impressively righteous with regards to the wrongs inflicted on the youth of Japan, it’s also repetitive and overlong and - despite moments of mania - it sometimes struggles to lift itself from the mire of Sumida’s all-too-infectious despondency. Still there’s plenty to admire.

***(*)(*)Emma Simmonds, The List, 01/06/2012

Sounds like a tough watch, but it’s explosively directed and, at times, touchingly acted, offering small moments of redemption in the form of the relationship that evolves between Somida and the shy girl who loves him unconditionally.

****(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 28/06/2012

Where and when?

Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow from Monday July 2, 2012, until Wednesday July 4, 2012. More info:

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