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Arthur (12A)


A drunken playboy stands to lose a wealthy inheritance when he falls for a woman his family doesn't like.

The critical consensus

The 21st-century Arthur is diluted enough to begin with, and these watered-down ingredients make for a thin, insipid and oddly flavourless brew. Drink it responsibly. Better yet, don't drink it at all.

**(*)(*)(*)Xan Brooks, The Guardian, 15/04/2011

The problem is that while Arthur is caught between the moon and New York City, the rest of us are left thinking, "Is that the best that a remake can do?"

***(*)(*)Siobhan Synnot, The Scotsman, 19/04/2011

Love Brand? Then you’ll forgive his absent performance within a mediocre rom-com. Hate him? Arthur is an endurance – like being the only sober person among pissed people.

**(*)(*)(*)Jane Crowther, Total Film, 20/04/2011

Brand fan? You'll likely enjoy his antics. But Russellophobics would be better off seeking out the original.

***(*)(*)James White, Empire Online, 21/04/2011

Brand and Mirren together...make an appealing double act. While no Gielgud and Moore, they get by. The truth on a silver platter is that the same can’t be said of Winer’s film as a whole.

**(*)(*)(*)Alison Rowat, The Herald, 21/04/2011

Arthur was no great shakes first time around; this Brand-new version is a full-on stinker.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Anthony Quinn, The Independent, 22/04/2011

Warming with some great one-liners.

Simon Jablonski, Little White Lies, 21/04/2011

Russell Brand's new vehicle fails to play to his strengths, it has none of the original's charm and the script is so awful only Helen Mirren scrapes by with dignity intact.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 23/04/2011

The biggest sin is that Arthur, who was such a soulful, delightful, oddly life-affirming character when played by Dudley Moore, is here merely a boring drunk. Where’s the fun in that?

**(*)(*)(*)Sukhdev Sandhu, The Telegraph, 23/04/2011

It took all of cuddly Dudley's little-boy-lost innocence to make his Arthur palatable, so it might not have been such a wise move to cast the most self-aware and debauched comedian of his generation in the part.

Nicholas Barber, The Independent on Sunday, 24/04/2011

As bad as anything I've seen in 2011 which is shaping up as "The International Year of Bad Comedy".

Philip French, The Observer, 24/04/2011

Just how much you enjoy Arthur is going to depend on your tolerance of Brand. He's still funny but his performance is one-note, in the same way Ricky Gervais plays the same part in every movie.

***(*)(*)Daily Record, 22/04/2011

Arthur 2011 changes very little from the original but softens and sanitises everything to the point of blandness.

Allan Hunter, Daily Express, 22/04/2011

Really rather entertaining, with some decent punchlines inserted into mostly new scenarios and lines that allows the movie to stand fairly successfully as its own entity.

Paul Greenwood, Evening Times, 21/04/2011

It's all over for the Brand brand.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Chris Tookey, Daily Mail, 22/04/2011

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