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Vice (15)


VICE is a biographical drama about former US Vice President Dick Cheney and his rise to power under George W Bush.

The critical consensus

An acting masterclass that neither pulls its punches nor sacrifices detail to pander to a mass audience, this is smart filmmaking from a director who gets better with every film — and a near career-best from Bale, which is saying something.

****(*)Andrew Lowry, Empire Online, 17/12/2018

Bale brilliantly captures the former vice-president’s bland magnificence in Adam McKay’s entertainingly nihilist biopic.

****(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 17/12/2018

The film illustrates what can be achieved by one man through ambition, guile and timing, but also charts the growing influence of a whole class of super-rich in the US, who sought power merely to protect their financial interests.

****(*)Demetrios Matheou, The List, 21/01/2019

Bale’s a riot, but it’s The Big Short 2.

***(*)(*)Hannah Woodhead, Little White Lies, 22/01/2019

Less biopic than a howl of frustration, Vice is political satire at its keenest. Move over, Michael Moore.

****(*)Jane Crowther, Total Film, 20/01/2019

What follows is a fast-moving jumble of grim farce, satirical stunts, fourth-wall-breaking absurdity (including an audacious choice of narrator that becomes the film’s darkest joke), countless mixed metaphors and plenty of indignation.

***(*)(*)Alistair Harkness, The Scotsman, 24/01/2019

A skilled piece of comic acting by Bale has the unlikely effect of making the former vice president buffoonish as well as sinister in a brilliant piece of storytelling.

****(*)Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent, 25/01/2019

If you’re not interested in politics, this film will persuade you otherwise.

****(*)Adam Zawadzki, The Edinburgh Reporter, 31/01/2019

Features about Vice (15)

Adam Curtis and Vice director Adam McKay on how Dick Cheney masterminded a rightwing revolution

Paul MacInnes, The Guardian, 18/01/2019

Vice doesn't get it right--Dick Cheney was a much scarier vice president than that

Andrew Buncombe, The Independent, 30/01/2019

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