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Easter is usually a time for families to get together, and this year with COVID-19 restrictions we will all be staying home, so we want to mark the weekend by sharing a full version of our multi-award-winning show, White, via the online video-sharing platform YouTube.  Read more …

Over every day of the four-day Easter weekend, viewers will be able to follow the link here at 11am, 2pm or 4pm GMT to enjoy a live version of the 35-minute production. Featuring Ian Cameron and Michael Dylan, this video was filmed by our friends at The ASK (Art Space For Kids) in Beijing, 2018.

More information on this production is available at

The critical consensus

A charming introduction to theatre for the little ones or a visual delight for the young and old alike, White is a captivating performance of discovery and intrigue.

*****Michelle Haynes, TVBomb, 18/12/2014

What is even more astonishing, however, is that the whole piece is as fresh as it ever was. It remains clever after repeated viewings, even when you know how all the tricks are worked.

*****Thom Dibdin, All Edinburgh Theatre, 16/12/2015

Features about White--Online

Why White continues to enchant pre-schoolers

Kelly Apter, The List, 04/11/2015

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