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Theatre Reviews: The Winter's Tales

Michael Cox reviews two productions of Shakespeare's late play, one by Cheek by Jowl (****) and one by the Royal Lyceum Theatre (***).

Theatre Review: Cuttin' a Rug ***

Michael Cox reviews a performance with terrific production values but a lacklustre script.

Review: Still Game Live 2--Bon Voyage ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a big treat from the start'.

Theatre Review: Picnic at Hanging Rock

Joy Watters reviews the theatrical adaptation of a classic Australian thriller.

Theatre Review: Aladdin ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a bright production that's a lot of fun'.

Theatre Review: Dick McWhittington

Joy Watters reviews a panto 'full of fun, lots of local jokes, banter and the opportunity for Barrie Hunter's dame to put his first-class stamp on the production'.

Review: The Commitments ****

Michael Cox reviews a production that might be thin on plot and character but is rich in 'spine-tingling energy and passion'.

Theatre Reviews: Christmas Adaptations

Michael Cox reviews Morgan & West--A (sort of) Christmas Carol, Jack and the Beanstalk and Black Beauty.

Theatre Review: Simon's Magical Christmas Socks and Hansel & Gretel

Michael Cox reviews a cute production for young children and a 'thrilling, funny and at times touching' production for families.

Theatre Review: Aladdin--Byre Theatre

Joy Watters reviews a 'loud, colourful, daft, vulgar, hilarious entertainment for all ages.'

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