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Review: Quest for Oz ****

Michael Cox reviews an interactive production 'with such an earnest heart that it's impossible to resist'.

Review: Fragile ****

Lorna Irvine reviews a 'spine-tingling' production that lingers in the mind.

Gary's Adventure in Punderland

Ahead of his latest Champipunship on 11th July at 02 ABC, Lorna Irvine asks theatre maker, writer and actor Gary McNair to let us into his Punderland.

Theatre Review: Gob Squad--Western Society ****

Lorna Irvine reviews a production that's 'appallingly hilarious' yet 'hilariously appalling'.

Preview: O Is for Hoolet@Behaviour

Lorna Irvine looks at the most recent recipient of the celebrated Platform 18 Award.

Comedy Review: Jon Ronson--An Evening of Public Shaming (****)

Lorna Irvine reviews an impressive performance with a strong moral core.

Comedy Review: Simon Amstell--To Be Free (****)

Lorna Irvine reviews 'an oddball delight' followed by a 'thoughtful, hilarious and poignant' headliner.

John Waters: I Love that Dirty Waters

Lorna Irvine reports on a Glasgay! one-night stand by the infamous provocateur.

Cinema Review: BBC Art Screen

Lorna Irvine reviews two films from the new arts documentary festival.

Music Review: Bill Callahan

Lorna Irvine reviews an eclectic evening at Celtic Connections.

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