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Review: Motown the Musical ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that should be a winner but is 'a lost opportunity'.

Theatre Review: Let's Inherit the Earth **

Joy Watters reviews a confused production.

Theatre Review: Gagarin Way ****

Joy Watters reviews 'a cracking piece of theatre'.

Review: Quest for Oz ****

Michael Cox reviews an interactive production 'with such an earnest heart that it's impossible to resist'.

Theatre Review: The 306: Dusk ***

Joy Watters reviews a production with three outstanding performances.

Theatre Review: The Macbeths ***

Joy Watters reviews 'a fascinating' reinterpretation of Shakespeare's classic.

Theatre Review: Madagascar the Musical ***

Jo Turbitt reviews the musical staging of the hit animated film.

Theatre Review: Twelfth Night ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that overindulges but is still filled with delights.

Theatre Review: Cyrano De Bergerac ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that looks brilliant but is let down by one crucial aspect.

Theatre Review: The Last Witch ****

Joy Watters reviews 'a stunning, unforgettable' production.

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