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Festival Review: Cathy ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a flawed production with moving performances.

Cathy portrays an important reality of how our current system is failing so many people. It also has a moving performance from the title role, played by Cathy Owen, who’s supported by her younger daughter, played by Hayley Wareham. They make us care for the characters and sympathise with their declining situation.

Verbatim footage is used throughout that had potential to consolidate the message, but unfortunately it feels devalued, as its primary function is to cover set changes which are too long, feel clunky and break the flow of the story.

The post show workshop/discussion is an unexpected and unnecessary addition and left me feeling as though they didn’t trust the show to speak for itself, and is perhaps more appropriate for a TIE context.

Pleasance Dome, 15:30pm, until 26th August (not Mondays).

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