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Festival Review: Hot Gay Time Machine ****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production with 'unashamedly camp frivolity' but also has real heart.

Festival Review: Red Bastard--Lie with Me ****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a performance that's 'deliciously rude and playfully taboo'.

Festival Review: Chapshtick ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a hit-or-miss production.

Review: Still Game Live 2--Bon Voyage ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a big treat from the start'.

Festival Reviews: Shakespearean Influences

Michael Cox reviews Shit-Faced Shakespeare and William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play (abridged).

Festival Reviews: Pleasance & Assembly

Michael Cox reviews Early Doors, NewsRevue and 24 Hours with Mary Lynn Rajskub.

Music Review: Frisky & Mannish--Just Too Much ****

Lorna Irvine reviews a performance that is 'decadent, endearing and more fun than is possibly decent'.

Gary's Adventure in Punderland

Ahead of his latest Champipunship on 11th July at 02 ABC, Lorna Irvine asks theatre maker, writer and actor Gary McNair to let us into his Punderland.

Power Up!

Lorna Irvine speaks with Kenny Boyle about an upcoming challenge.

Comedy Review: Jon Ronson--An Evening of Public Shaming (****)

Lorna Irvine reviews an impressive performance with a strong moral core.

Comedy Review: Simon Amstell--To Be Free (****)

Lorna Irvine reviews 'an oddball delight' followed by a 'thoughtful, hilarious and poignant' headliner.

Theatre/Comedy Review: Hero Worship (****)

Lorna Irvine reviews production 'delivered with chutzpah and clear-eyed pathos'.

Theatre/Comedy Review: Love 2.0 (***)

Lorna Irvine reviews 'a fine, fun, fizzy' look at modern love.

Book Review: Jon Ronson--So You've Been Puclicly Shamed

Lorna Irvine reviews 'a timely, satirical read'.

We Can Be Heroes

Lorna Irvine speaks with Kenny Boyle about Hero Worship.

Well Crafted Filth: Craig Hill--Give Him An Inch (****)

Lorna Irvine reviews the Scottish comedian's latest tour.

John Waters: I Love that Dirty Waters

Lorna Irvine reports on a Glasgay! one-night stand by the infamous provocateur.

Across the Festival: Referendum productions

Michael Cox reviews All Back to Bowie's and The Pure, the Dead and the Brilliant.

Comedy Review: Andy Zaltzman Satirist for Hire (****)

Michael Cox reviews the acclaimed comics most recent tour.

Festival Review: Sex with Animals (*****)

Lorna Irvine reviews a 'taboo tickler' hit on the Fringe.

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