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Jury Play--A Response from Juror 6

Michael Cox describes what happened to him as a juror in Grid Iron and Traverse Theatre's recent production of Jury Play.

Review: COAL *****

Jo Turbitt reviews a production that has 'sensitivity, brutality and gumption'.

Theatre Review: What Shadows ***

Michael Cox reviews a production with 'a masterclass of a performance' by Ian McDiarmid.

Theatre Review: August--Osage County ****

Joy Watters reviews a production that 'is a very funny and utterly bleak portrait of the modern dysfunctional family'.

Theatre Review: The Ruling Class

Joy Watters reviews a production that's 'bold and brimming with chutzpah'.

Festival Review: Letters Live ****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production that is 'moving, inspiring and hilarious'.

Festival Review: Real Magic ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews 'a thought-provoking show as bizarre and comical as it is infuriating'.

Festival Review: 1902

Edward Charles reviews a play that balances tragedy with comedy by an impressive young company.

Festival Review: Give Me You Love ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a moving call to action.

Festival Review: Josh Glanc--Manful ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a 'heart-warming and hilarious' production.

Festival Review: Jamie Wood--I Am a Tree ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production that leaves audiences 'feeling delighted, calm and just a little bit bemused'.

Festival Review: Late Night Lip Service ****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a 'raunchy' cabaret that hits all the right buttons.

Festival Feature: Ryan Lane & Elf Lyons

Ashling Findlay-Carroll speaks with the creators of Hilda & the Spectrum.

Festival Review: Paris de Nuit *****

Jo Turbitt reviews 'a cocktail of seduction, sensitivity, laughter and sorrow'.

Festival Reviews: 'Real vs Truth' at Summerhall

Michael Cox reviews How to Act, A Hundred Different Words for Love, Doglife and Siri.

Festival Review: The Divide **

Michael Cox reviews an anticipated production that throws away a promising premise.

Festival Review: Party Game **

Michael Cox reviews a production with good performances but a mess of a script.

Festival Review: Trygve vs a Baby ****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a 'downright silly and delightfully charming' production.

Festival Review: Love, Bombs & Apples ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production that's 'both amusing and politically charged'.

Festival Review: Children are Stinky ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews 'a fun-filled' production.

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