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Theatre Review: Big Aftermath of a Small Disclosure *

Michael Cox reviews 'an exercise in tedium'.

It is quite possible that Big Aftermath of a Small Disclosure works brilliantly in its original Dutch. However, what is presented at Summerhall can best be described as an exercise in tedium.

A circle of friends are in crisis. One of them states to another that he is considering leaving. This one comment leads to a series of questions, miscommunications and revelations that ends up leaving all four devastated.

And as good and committed as the cast of four are, it is all but impossible to care.

There are positive things. The cast are very good with the quick-fire dialogue they have, finding ways of twisting word stress to completely change meaning, and they execute the stylised staging that they’ve been directed in with ease. Also, buried within this mess of a script is the kernel of a good idea, even if it rarely shows its face.

But when one character continuously asks another if they’ve been to hell, it’s very difficult to keep the thought away that, as an audience member to this drivel, I’m there now.

Big Aftermath of a Small Disclosure is at Summerhall at 2.50pm until August 26th.

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