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Theatre Review: User Not Found ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a brilliantly handed' production.

What happens when we die? It’s the fundamental question that is the cornerstone of humanity. However, life has recently thrown an extra question into the mix: what happens to our digital identity when we’re no longer alive?

User Not Found isn’t necessarily a unique production, but it does execute its storytelling well. Terry (played by Terry O’Donovan) has been coasting through life since he’s split with his long-term partner, Luca. But Luca has just died, and he’d named Terry as his ‘Online Legacy Executor’, meaning that he has 90 days to decide what happens to Luca’s online accounts: do they stay live or get deleted? Terry is still dealing with the repercussions of their breakup but must now look through Luca’s profiles and messages, meaning a walk down memory lane through Luca’s eyes.

The production is brilliantly handled. O’Donovan is an engaging performer, one who allows his character a raw vulnerability dealing with a difficult decision. We might not always agree with him or his thoughts, but he is always engaging as a performer and as a character.

Many productions that use technology end up using them more as a forgettable gimmick. Thankfully, the use of headphones and mobiles are an integral part of the production: the headphones make Terry’s voice feel personal, as if he’s only speaking to you individually, and the mobile images make Luca a tangible character, meaning Terry’s struggle is much more palpable.

All of this makes User Not Found an intimately felt story about a world that feels like it’s lacking a human connection.

User Not Found is part of the Traverse’s Fringe season and is performing offsite at the Jeelie Piece Café until August 26th.

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