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Venom (15)

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action

US sci-fi action fantasy in which alien organisms are brought back to Earth.

The critical consensus

Fleischer made a better comedy-horror with Zombieland, but Venom’s a decent buddy actioner. You might even laugh your head off...

***(*)(*)Jamie Graham, Total Film, 03/10/2018

Venom is neither triumph nor train-wreck. It’s a mediocre origin story, a superhero host that sadly fails to bond with its comedy parasite. Which is a shame, as there is enough here to to suggest it could have been a blast.

**(*)(*)(*)Ian Freer, Empire Online, 03/10/2018

Much has been made of the 15-certificate, with many hoping for an ultra-violent film in the mould of Deadpool. But Venom most certainly isn’t that.

**(*)(*)(*)Joseph Walsh, The Skinny, 03/10/2018

Nowhere near as edgy or exciting as it should have been.

**(*)(*)(*)Adam Woodward, Little White Lies, 03/10/2018

Despite his uproarious splice of comedy and horror in Zombieland, director Ruben Fleischer fails to get a grip here.

**(*)(*)(*)Kevin Harley, The List, 03/10/2018

Venom is riddled with the poison of dullness.

*(*)(*)(*)(*)Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, 03/10/2018

We will just have to put up with Venom in the Hollywood system and hope that the future instalments have a bit more oomph than is found here.

**(*)(*)(*)Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent, 03/10/2018

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