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Aquaman (12A)

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action

A superhero action film in which the heir to the throne of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis tries to unite the land and sea kingdoms.

The critical consensus

This is an Aquaman film that needs lots more Aquaman and vastly less bombast. It’s visually wild and recklessly inventive, but the cast deserve better than to be cast adrift in a tempest of CGI.

***(*)(*)Helen O'Hara, Empire Online, 11/12/2018

Overlong, but Momoa’s charisma, plus first-class fishy FX, keep it afloat.

***(*)(*)Matthew Leyland, Total Film, 11/12/2018

James Wan's film is rousing fare, made with enough conviction for it to get away with its moments of extreme kitsch silliness.

***(*)(*)Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent, 11/12/2018

Some fun moments, but mostly boring.

Elena Lazic, Little White Lies, 11/12/2018

Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry plays a parody of Thor in this Marvel wannabe going for screwball laughs.

**(*)(*)(*)Simran Hans, The Observer, 16/12/2018

James Wan's contribution to the DC universe is a love letter to old school fantasy and adventure.

***(*)(*)Katherine McLaughlin, The List, 11/12/2018

Where and when?

General release. Check local listings for show times.

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