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Cannibal Women of Mars

It’s 2113 and Martian princesses Yasmin and Pippa are about to be initiated in the man-eating rituals of their cursed planet. Read more …

On the menu are Jaxxon McGhee and Largs Lido, two unsuspecting jobless 21-year-olds, newly arrived from an overcrowded and cruel Earth. But when Yasmin and Jaxxon rebel against their destiny they trigger an interplanetary crisis, with the Martian Queen baying for blood and the President of Earth looking to indulge his own appetite for destruction.

Romance, rock’n’roll and rudeness collide in this epic musical tale of star-crossed lovers thrown together by fate. But in a solar system that doesn’t care as long as there is food on the table, who will end up inside who?

The critical consensus

In Andy Arnold's spirited production, it's always cheery, but rarely funny.

***(*)(*)Mark Fisher, The Guardian, 11/07/2013

Aside from the occasional awkward moment when the band zealously played louder than the singers, Cannibal Women of Mars was hilarious. It will leave you walking out of the theatre, sides split, singing the extremely memorable lyrics including one-liners like "I don't want to eat you, I want to love you instead."

****(*)Eric Karoulla, The Skinny, 12/07/2013

It’s not a smooth show, nor always as amusing as its tone suggests; but for energy in performance, brand-new songs, a four-piece live band, and a vivid glimpse into the minds of a paranoid generation of men, it’s pretty lively stuff, and an excellent Glasgow summer night out.

***(*)(*)Joyce McMillan, 10/07/2013

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Where and when?

Tron Theatre, Glasgow from Friday July 5, 2013, until Saturday July 20, 2013. More info:

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