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Out of This World

Set within a world of projected film and animation, Out Of This World combines Mark Murphy's signature mix of ground breaking aerial choreography, original text and explosive special effects in a show that is both intense psychological thriller and heart-rending medical drama. Read more …

After a decade away making major, international civic shows and global sporting ceremonies, Mark Murpy excitingly returns to the stage to tell the story of a woman’s woozy descent into the depths of a medically induced coma. Once safely cocooned, her crashed imagination takes over the show - creating a vivid inward cinema in which she reviews her life. But after discovering a shocking truth and with the medical team moving in for the kill, she must escape her subterranean safe house in a very real fight for life.

The critical consensus

There’s lots to love about it, but a forceful start is let down by an inconsequential conclusion.

***(*)(*)Mark Fisher, The Guardian, 23/04/2017

Out of this World does take on major themes – the vulnerability of life and love, the inevitability of death, the nature of consciousness and the power of desire – yet resolves into a simplistic finale. There is magic in the visuals, but too little energy in the story.

***(*)(*)Gareth K Vile, The List, 24/04/2017

Out of this World strives for something much deeper than spectacle – it makes a play for our hearts, and wins.

****(*)Kelly Apter, The Scotsman, 25/04/2017

Enjoyable as these flourishes are, they rather overwhelm the weak dramatic content.

**(*)(*)(*)Allan Radcliffe, 26/04/2017

As so often with such multimedia performance works, V-tol’s piece is stronger on spectacle than narrative.

Mark Brown, Scottish Stage, 04/05/2017

This high-octane production still remains a visually stunning spectacle throughout. With more emphasis on plot development it might even reach the level of the genre-defying psychological thriller that it set out to be.

***(*)(*)Lucy Evans, All Edinburgh Theatre, 24/05/2017

The play’s thin and clichéd dialogue, that’s full of rather annoying repetition, detracts from the impact of the work rather than augmenting it.

***(*)(*)Irene Brown, Edinburgh Guide, 24/05/2017

Where and when?

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh from Tuesday May 23, 2017, until Wednesday May 24, 2017. More info:

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