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Beauty and the Beast--The Brunton, Musselburgh

Prince Hamish of Musselburgh was the bestest, handsomest single man in all of East Lothian - and he knew it! Read more …

He was kind, and a good friend to all, but he was very, VERY vain. He loveddddddd looking in the mirror. Any mirror. Then, when he refused a marriage proposal from the Sorcerer Mordina, she didn't take it very well… she cried for almost seven minutes, then cast a terribly dreadful spell on young Hamish: turning him into a horrifying beast. He and his trusted right-hand man Fraser would live forever, trapped in their castle (apart from regular visits to the vet). Trapped forever, the spell could only be broken by someone falling in love with Hamish - not as a man, but as the Beast he appeared to be. Would such a person exist? And who could ever love... A BEAST??

The critical consensus

Scenes seemed as rushed as the swiping of a smartphone screen and the shorter than usual running time gives a cut price feel to an evening when that vital panto spark fails to ignite.

***(*)(*)Irene Brown, Edinburgh Guide, 02/12/2017

Where and when?

Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh from Tuesday November 28, 2017, until Saturday January 6, 2018. More info:

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