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Rita, Sue and Bob Too

Best friends Rita and Sue get a lift home from married Bob after babysitting his kids. When he takes the scenic route and offers them a bit of fun, the three start a fling they each think they control. Read more …

Andrea Dunbar wrote her semi-autobiographical play when she was just 19. It’s an explosive portrait of girls facing an unpromising future, offered a taste of adult adventure.

The critical consensus

One of the real virtues of this revival is that it does not go in for sermonising hindsight but lets this very good play speak for itself, Strongly recommended.

****(*)Paul Taylor, The Independent, 12/01/2018

This is a play, for all its rough edges, that absolutely must be seen.

****(*)Sarah Crompton, What's On Stage, 12/01/2018

Seeming less uproarious but more political and perceptive than when it first appeared in 1982, Andrea Dunbar’s portrait of Thatcher’s Britain still chills.

****(*)Michael Billington, The Guardian, 12/01/2018

After all the controversy surrounding this revival of Andrea Dunbar’s memorable play, it adds nothing that’s new.

***(*)(*)Susannah Clapp, The Observer, 14/01/2018

Viewed today, the result is a time capsule that’s as much a document of social apartheid and the thrill-seeking extremes which underclass boredom on sink estates inspires as tragi-comic drama.

****(*)Neil Cooper, Coffee-Table Notes, 14/02/2018

Out of Joint’s production of Rita, Sue, and Bob Too is fun to watch. But don’t let the humour deceive you, it’s also asking some interesting moral and political questions.

****(*)Torran McEwan, The Reviews Hub, 14/02/2018

This revival may have it flaws, but this is not a writer, a setting or a story of the kind we see enough of. For getting this out there, even in the face of moralising meddlers, it has to be commended.

***(*)(*)Robert Peacock, The Wee Review, 15/02/2018

Watching this play in 2018 shows a stark contrast about how much has changed with attitude towards women and relationships. Should Rita, Sue and Bob Too be staged in the age of #MeToo ? Of course it should.

****(*)Natalie O'Donoghue, Broadway Baby, 15/02/2018

The stars of the show remain Taj Atwal as the increasingly guilt-ridden Rita and Gemma Dobson as the far less guilty Sue; perfectly encapsulating their heady journey from fun-seekers to lost dreams.

****(*)Paul F Cockburn, Broadway Baby, 16/02/2018

Brief, hilarious, angry, and blazing with honesty.

****(*)Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 17/02/2018

Features about Rita, Sue and Bob Too

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Adelle Stripe and Kate Wasserberg--Andrea Dunbar, Rita, Sue and Bob Too

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Where and when?

Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow from Tuesday February 13, 2018, until Saturday February 17, 2018. More info:

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