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Titanic the Musical

In the final hours of 14th April 1912 the RMS Titanic, on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, collided with an iceberg and 'the unsinkable ship' slowly sank. It was one of the most tragic disasters of the 20th Century. 1517 men, women and children lost their lives. Read more …

Based on real people aboard the most legendary ship in the world, Titanic The Musical is a stunning and stirring production focusing on the hopes, dreams and aspirations of her passengers who each boarded with stories and personal ambitions of their own. All innocently unaware of the fate awaiting them, the Third Class immigrants dream of a better life in America, the Second Class imagine they too can join the lifestyles of the rich and famous, whilst the millionaire Barons of the First Class anticipate legacies lasting forever.

The critical consensus

Don’t be put off by the subject matter or puerile previous adaptations of the story on screen, this is a respectful, perfectly judged piece of writing that packs a huge emotional punch.

****(*)Lauren Humphreys, The Reviews Hub, 28/05/2018

Titanic the Musical is undoubtedly strengthened by the fact it loses no sight of the ship’s history. It loses the Hollywood glow of the film but keeps all the emotion and heartbreak of the atrocity. Captained by a stunning cast, the horizon looks bright for Titanic the Musical.

****(*)Joe Gardner, The Wee Review, 29/05/2018

This touring production of Titanic The Musical is a decent production of a weak musical.

***(*)(*)Natalie O'Donoghue, Broadway Baby, 29/05/2018

“Titanic the Musical” remains a powerful, poignant, truthful, and ultimately, terrifying modern opera staged with majestic realism and heartfelt theatricality.

****(*)Vivien Devlin, Edinburgh Guide, 31/05/2018

Titanic the Musical is one of the most powerful musical shows you will see with excellent performances from a talented cast and quite breath-taking production. Unlike the iceberg the RMS Titanic struck more than a century ago, Titanic the Musical is unmissable.

****(*)Mike Smith, The Edinburgh Reporter, 13/06/2018

A heartfelt and human labour of love.

****(*)Peter Callaghan, Review Sphere, 13/06/2018

A fine and thought-provoking work which reminds us that the Titanic is not just a metaphor for size, but also for events which become tragedies because all the warning signs are ignored.

****(*)Thom Dibdin, All Edinburgh Theatre, 14/06/2108

Although this dynamic and dramatic show allows few pauses for wild applause, as it powers through the story like a steamship in search of a blue riband, the final curtain is cheered to echo by an audience who find themselves challenged, impressed, and - in the end - deeply moved.

****(*)Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 15/06/2018

Where and when?

King's Theatre, Glasgow from Monday May 28, 2018, until Saturday June 2, 2018. More info:

Edinburgh Playhouse, Edinburgh from Tuesday June 12, 2018, until Saturday June 16, 2018. More info:

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