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Shakespeare in Love

King's Theatre, Edinburgh

Young Will Shakespeare has writer’s block... the deadline for his new play - a comedy called Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter - is fast approaching; he’s struggling to finish the first line of a sonnet and he’s in dire need of inspiration. Read more …


Then he meets the beguiling Viola de Lesseps, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant. Viola is prepared to do anything – including risking the regal disapproval of Queen Elizabeth I - to fulfil her illicit dream of performing on the London stage and pursuing a passionate affair with the greatest playwright of the age.

The critical consensus

It is welcome to see this play back on the stage; it’s a fun reminder of how we fell in love with Shakespeare and how much he remains close to the heart of so much of theatre and language.

***(*)(*)Kenneth Scott, Edinburgh Guide, 13/11/2018

This is a terrifically uplifting production that transports you to a different time and place and makes you forget the troubles of the modern world for a few hours.

****(*)Julian Smolcic, Review Sphere, 14/11/2018

Fast-paced, romantic tribute to the Bard is an effervescent delight.

****(*)Kirsty McGrory, The Wee Review, 13/11/2018

Top-notch comic performances and a production that purrs like a Rolls-Royce mean that the touring production of Shakespeare In extremely seductive.

****(*)Thom Dibdin, All Edinburgh Theatre, 13/11/2108

Shakespeare in Love is comfortable theatre, richly enjoyable and pleasing. It doesn’t rock any boats, nor set off fireworks but what it does have is passion.

****(*)Dominic Corr, The Wee Review, 13/11/2018

Where and when?

King's Theatre, Edinburgh from Monday November 12, 2018, until Saturday November 17, 2018. More info:

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