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Glasgow Girls

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The life-affirming, song-and-dance-filled, Scottish musical drama, based on the true story of seven feisty Glaswegian teenagers, whose lives change forever when their school friend and her asylum-seeking family are forcibly taken from their home to be deported. Read more …

They are galvanised to fight for her rights, inspiring a whole community to unite behind its residents.

The critical consensus

This is a show about friendship, hope and a form of people-powered solidarity that crosses borders in every way, even as it so vitally reminds us of injustices that happened on our doorstep, and which are happening still.

****(*)Neil Cooper, Coffee-Table Notes, 17/01/2019

The result is a show that never claims perfection, but is infinitely worth seeing, for the sheer boldness of its effort to remind us that resistance is possible, and that it is still worth believing in a better time, a better city, and a better world.

****(*)Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman, 18/01/2019

This show is informative, heart-breaking and makes for essential viewing as it seems more relevant than ever just now.

****(*)Natalie O'Donoghue, Broadway World, 16/01/2019

Glasgow Girls is as relevant now as it was when it first aired, back in 2012 at the Citizens Theatre, due to the whole Brexit debacle and the anti “foreigner” rhetoric.

Paul Guthrie, Reviews Sphere, 16/01/2019

In a world made cold by the bureaucracy and passivity of adults, this piece will inspire younger audiences to challenge the world they live in, and win.

****(*)Scott Purvis, Across the Arts

The incredible energy of this performance is invigorating and saves the production from the ever-looming threat of over-sentimentality.

****(*)Kirsty McGrory, The Skinny, 28/01/2019

Hopefully Glasgow Girls will continue to run and encourage the same level of unity and compassion displayed by the original girls.

*****Nico Marrone, The Wee Review, 24/01/2019

A thought-provoking and inspiring piece of musical theatre.

****(*)Sarah Moyes, All Edinburgh Theatre, 24/01/2019

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Where and when?

King's Theatre, Glasgow from Tuesday January 15, 2019, until Saturday January 19, 2019. More info:

King's Theatre, Edinburgh from Wednesday January 23, 2019, until Saturday January 26, 2019. More info:

Perth Theatre, Perth from Wednesday January 30, 2019, until Sunday February 3, 2019. More info:

Eden Court Theatre, Inverness from Thursday February 7, 2019, until Saturday February 9, 2019. More info:

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