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Theatre Review: Who Pays the Piper ***

Anna Burnside reviews a 'pleasant' production that's 'made by the strong performances'.

Theatre Review: Show and the Demons of the Deep ****

Anna Burnside reviews 'ambitious show that asks a lot of its intended audience'.

Theatre Review: Ness ***

Anna Burnside reviews a production that tackles 'one of the most complex and divisive issues of our time' but 'goes for the easy laugh'.

Theatre Review: Tamum Shud ****

Anna Burnside reviews 'a smart and grown-up show' that showcases 'an impressive achievement for a first-time playwright'.

Theatre Review: The Woman in Black ***

Scott Purvis-Armour reviews an 'immersive seance between the design and text' that takes too long to get going.

Theatre Review: The Scraff ***

Anna Burnside reviews a production 'with much to enjoy'.

Theatre Review: Blue Beard ***

Anna Burnside reviews a production with a lot to admire but doesn't hold 'together as a coherent piece of theatre'.

Review: an accident/a life ****

Anna Burnside reviews 'a brilliantly moving and illuminating piece of storytelling'.

Theatre Review: Hotdog ***

Anna Burnside reviews a new production that 'steps up a gear' in its final moments.

Theatre Review: Hamilton *****

Anna Burnside reviews 'an astounding achievement'.

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