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Comedy Review: Andy Zaltzman Satirist for Hire (****)

Michael Cox reviews the acclaimed comics most recent tour.

I’m going to have to confess that I only know of Andy Zaltzman through his comedy current affairs podcast The Bugle, which he does with John Oliver (someone who’s had a run of rather good luck recently in the US). Zaltzman works really well with Oliver in their double-act, but I had no previous knowledge of how Zaltzman stands on his own.

Rather well, I’m happy to report. Andy Zaltzman Satirist for Hire is terrific fun. Zaltzman asks his audience to send in ideas which he, in turn, will satirise. It might not be the most original idea, but Zaltzman makes it work, mostly as he makes the audience complicit in his daily routine. His conversations with the people who made the requests sometimes prove to be the most winning moments as he tries to get to the bottom of why they want their subject covered, and he seems game to take anything on.

Quick-witted yet completely approachable in his technique, Zaltzman’s hour-long set is constantly funny with sharp observations. His ‘horn of truth’ rang out as constant as the laughter.

Andy Zaltzman Satirist for Hire tours the UK. Make suggestions at

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