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Dance Review: WRoNGHEADED ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a piece with great moments but one which needs further work.

The piece begins with a projection on the floor, which is interesting both in content and position. But as the dancers enter and begin to move, in the half-light it becomes unclear where the focus is: the two feel like they are working against one another rather than completing one image. The soundtrack of ominous noises creates a tense atmosphere and gives an appropriate weightiness to the piece. However, the repetitive voiceover that accompanies this is distracting at points.

The dancers themselves move beautifully, the movements and physicality unmistakably female, and appear to be an exploration of the qualities of femininity, the strength and the struggles that lie within this which is wholly appropriate in a piece which examines the need for Ireland to repeal the 8th. Within this there are some moments of eye contact between the two dancers that are charged with emotion and moving to watch. There is a powerful moment of choreography where one woman is stuck under the weight of the other, pinned to the floor and the discomfort slowly builds to panic, which is harrowing.

The message of the piece is clear, as is the need for further exploration of this topic on a wider level, but the same point feels over emphasised and it feels like there is room for more development here.

WRoNGHEADED is at Dancebase at 13:30, 3-5, 7-12, 14-19th August.

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