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Festival Review: A Different Party ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a funny production that's missing a spark.

Like The Office meets The Mighty Boosh, Trygve Wakenshaw and Barnie Duncan take their jokes to fantastically weird and wonderful places. With some excellent comical moments of fixed-point mime and good old slapstick, the audience were laughing within seconds at their general ineptitude as employees of Rucks's Leather Interiors.

There is a playfulness between the two performers and they bounce off each other well, enjoying the various games and just occasionally making each other crumble into a poorly disguised fit of giggles.

However, there is something missing in this piece. It follows a loose narrative structure and so is different to the short sketches which often make up Trygve's work, yet it still has a series of skits within the overall theme which go off on wildly varying tangents. This might be where the problem lies: it is neither a sketch show nor a narrative piece. The audience didn't seem to mind and were roaring with laughter by the end.

Is it funny? Yes. But for me, it's missing a spark.

Run at Assembly Roxy ended.

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