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Festival Review: Bothy Culture *****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a 'bold and unique' performance.

Conductor and composer Greg Lawson leads the Grit orchestra with energy and dynamism. He talks to the audience with an easy charm as he recalls stories and memories with real warmth and invites you into the world of Martyn Bennett. It feels very much like you’re sharing a drink around a roaring fire in a highland pub.

The music swells and soars and takes us on journey through the landscape of Scotland. We hear the mountains, the forests, the lochs so clearly that you can almost smell the wet grass after fresh rainfall. The rich tones of David Hayman when he joins compliment the orchestral sound wonderfully and pulls you into the imagery further.

There is such love and care taken in the playing of the piece that the sound created radiates joy, a feeling that permeates the rooms and each person in it. The fact that this was rehearsed in three hours is quite simply astounding: the orchestra play together with an electricity that would lead us to believe they’d played this piece together for years.

Bold and unique, this epic sound leaves the audience feeling uplifted and invigorated—a similar effect to a walk in the Scottish countryside on a bracing spring day. As Greg points out about the piece, ‘It doesn’t ask you to like it,’ but from the smiles and rapturous applause, one thing is clear: we certainly do!

Part of this year’s EIF Festival. Run ended.

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