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Festival Review: Enough ***

Michael Cox reviews 'a perfectly enjoyable' production.

Jane and Toni are flight attendants. They started in the job over twenty years ago and have forced-smiled through the air while struggling to live their lives on the ground. Each are looking for individual comfort and future stability: for Jane that comes in fixing up her family’s house, for Toni it means playing hardball for a promotion.

Stef Smith’s Enough is a well-written play. The dialogue is sharp and effective, mixing conversational dialogue with the poetic. She has also created two fully-fledged characters who are easy to empathise with, brilliantly played by Louise Ludgate and Amanda Wright. Bryony Shanahan’s direction keeps the pace and action crisp while Kai Fischer’s design is simple yet effective.

All of this results in a production that is perfectly enjoyable, if not a bit slight in the end.

Performs in repertory at the Traverse until August 25. Check the venue for specific times.

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