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Festival Review: Home ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production that starts slow but contains many great moment and an impressive set.

Geoff Sobelle’s Home has a start that feels lengthy and drawn out, despite the distinct playfulness to the piece throughout. However, the first moment of magic was an excellent payoff that made the audience gasp aloud.

The intricate set is built before our eyes, with so much going on at once. Whole rooms appear, complete and in place before the audience notices.

The numerous narratives within the piece draws the audience in; we can see moments from our own lives, the people we know, the joy, laughter, sorrow and frustration; we laugh because we recognise ourselves. A particular highlight is the hilariously slapstick shower scene, where several cast members appear, disappear, get in and get out: another example of the influence of clowning which runs through the whole piece clearly.

Audience members are invited to join in on stage and populate the various rooms, following guidance from the cast to complete a whole host of tasks so seamlessly that we question whether they are ‘in on it’. Those still in their seats were asked to sing, shout and help with the set up of party lights. It is a party we are all invited to - literally!

Home was part of this year’s EIF programme. Its run has ended.

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