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Festival Review: Jamie Wood--I Am a Tree ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production that leaves audiences 'feeling delighted, calm and just a little bit bemused'.

As we enter the quirky Omnitoruim at the back of George Square Theatre, Jamie Wood greets the audience in a calm manner befitting of the monk-like attire he is dressed in. The mischievous glint in his eye makes us want to play in his world, and audience members willingly join in with his games right from the get go.

As he tells us of his pilgrimage to South Wales to escape his London flat, partner and new baby and scatter his grandfather’s ashes, he has a real openness that draws us in. He is a generous performer who evokes joy in the audience with his unique outlook on the world and interesting clothing choices as he dishes out ‘Welsh hallucinogens’ to take us on a trip and find out what questions the landscape can ask us.

A particular highlight in the midst of this were his wise words, 'One broccoli is many broccoli,’ which sums up the nature of the piece quite aptly. It’s lovely to spend some time with Jamie and I left feeling delighted, calm and just a little bit bemused.

Assembly George Square Theatre. Run complete.

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