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Festival Review: Josh Glanc--Manful ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a 'heart-warming and hilarious' production.

Manful ridicules our current obsession with the fitness industry and filling ourselves with protein products in order to become 'a real man'. Glanc plays our hero, Dickie Rosenthall: a perfect lovable idiot, trying his best despite his glaringly obviously flaws. He sells his products and his image with gusto, accompanied by classic 90s dance tunes and cheesy dance routines that reappear more than once, much to our delight.

With all his belittling of 'dweeb bags', thrusting and flexing, we see through him almost immediately and enjoy watching him mess it up repeatedly. He played off the audience and dealt with some particularly unruly members well which, although clearly hard work, heightened the comedy at points as he voiced what we were all thinking.

There are some lovely moments of vulnerability when he shares his 'true identity' and we really love him for it.

This piece is heart-warming and hilarious, an hour with Dickie Rosenthall is an hour well spent.

Gilded Balloon Teviot run ended.

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