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Festival Review: Limmy--That's Your Lot: The Book Tour *****

Jo Turbitt reviews a 'pure dead brilliant' show.

Pure dead brilliant. Limmy is a dude. He’s a really good guy. Like…a really, really good guy…

Naw, he’s awesome. Limmy’s Glaswegian patter is hilarious. He’s the kind of guy you want to meet in a pub, and you’ll spend the whole night crying with laughter. He’s got the delivery and comedic storytelling capacity of a ninja, a Glaswegian, funny ninja. Like Billy Connolly, when Limmy tells us a story we’re immediately there. We’re with him in the situations: his characterisations are so ‘gettable’ (if that’s a word!).

He does stuff from his sketch shows, taking requests for characters with a ‘So who dae yez wan tae hear?’. He read from his new book – which I’m going to buy, and then buy more copies to give to people for Christmas – and then he laid himself completely in our mercy for a Q&A. Genius. A structure that gave us all what we went to see him for—and more.

Limmy is my brother’s comedy hero. I think he might be mine too.

Limmy: That’s Your Lot – The Book Tour (Permo Productions with RiotBox Productions / Salt 'n' Sauce Promotions). Run at New Town Theatre complete.

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