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Festival Review: My Name is Irrelevant ***

Michael Cox reviews a moving production.

My Name is Irrelevant is a simple production: a speaker stands before a slide projector and takes us through the lives of a collection of individuals. But as the slide show progresses, questions arise: who are these people, and why are they the focus of this presentation? And more importantly: who exactly is our speaker, and can he fully be believed?

To speak more about what happens seems unfair, because Irrelevant might be light on plot but is heavy on character development. Writer/performer Matthew Hall gives a very personable performance—he’s easy to watch and listen to, and he creates an empathetic bond with the audience quickly.

In the end, Irrelevant might be a bit slight but is still a moving production with Hall’s performance. There are many words one can use to describe the production: ‘irrelevant’ is not one of them.

My Name is Irrelevant is at Summerhall at 1745 until August 25thbefore embarking on a Scottish tour.

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