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Festival Review: Rain ****

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production 'performed with outstanding technical virtuosity'.

A huge semi-circular curtain made of what resembles giant fringing lines the back of the stage, creating a fragile backdrop and emulating the rain that is the title of the piece. For the most part it encompasses the performers, but the few moments where they break through are wonderfully satisfying, and this movement becomes as much part of the dance as the performers themselves.

This is a hugely demanding piece for the dancers: the pace is constant, the rhythmic nature of rising and falling motif equally soothing and exciting to observe as they continuously fold and unfold into the floor, flying and collapsing through contact work and counter balance, which, when matched by the repetitive nature of music, is mesmerising and hypnotic to watch.

The subtly changing costume, from neutral to bright pink to iridescent metallic, through the addition of one item, which is built up over time, is a design triumph. It is echoed in the lighting and allows the atmosphere of piece to travel and morph with such sensitivity that we barely realise it is happening until the transformation is complete.

These are undeniably expert dancers and the piece is performed with outstanding technical virtuosity, but unfortunately I struggled to find an emotional connection to the work beyond that of admiration for their strength and stamina.

Rain was part of this year’s Edinburgh International Festival. Its run has ended.

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