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Festival Review: Square Go ****

Michael Cox reviews a 'terrific' production of a hysterical comedy with dramatic undercurrents.

Square Go is Kieran Hurley and Gary McNair’s hilarious school-set two-hander. Max has screwed up: he’s angered the class bully, who’s challenged him to a fight, or a ‘square go’, after class. Max has an hour and is hiding in the boys’ toilets with his pal Stevie before the scheduled showdown.

It’s an absolute hoot from start to finish. Scott Fletcher as Max and Gavin Jon Wright as Stevie are terrific—their banter feels genuine and filled with quips that consistently hit.

However, what sets the play apart from most is its dramatic undercurrent: an honest look at school pressures, broken homes and masculinity. Hurley and McNair have, in a way, hidden a stark comment on modern Scottish life for young men in a hysterical comedy. It’s a terrific production that deserves far more than one ‘square go’ on the Scottish stage.

Square Go is at the Roundabout at Summerhall until August 26th.

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