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Jo Across the Festival '12 - Aug 08

Jo Turbitt reviews Bubble Wrap & Boxes, The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk, Rhythmic Circus, Cabaret Whore and Piatto Finale.

Bubble Wrap & Boxes--Asking for trouble, Gilded Balloon (**)

A physical-clowning show with energetic characters who meet in a 'box' room. The simple story unfolds through a collection of incidents, ideas and postcards, tricks, funny noises and a big bunch of boxes. The characters are endearing but the show is a bit slow to kick off, leaving a few wee ones floundering as to what to hook onto. The theme of travel forms a big part of the show and perhaps could have been introduced sooner and using the boxes, which were used initially but then became a backdrop to the action. For an imaginative show, it was quite tame and didn't fully explore the imaginative, limitless, creative potential of the boxes or the bubble wrap (which featured once). Billed for 3+, I'd recommend it for 5+ if they up the pace and add in more moments like the envelope shark, which turned the everyday into something new; can this happen with the boxes please?

The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk (Catherine Wheels), Traverse at Scottish Book Trust, (****)

A delicious show told with all the quirks, energy and anecdotes of a Roger McGough or Tim Firth story. Remember those p6/p7 days? School was bursting with characters and the summers were endless. It's a story about those, and it's excellent. It's full of energy and a class full of people who you know that you knew. Billed as a family show, I'd say for your 12+; younger kids beside me got a bit restless. Or go on your own and enjoy revelling in the memories of all those years ago when something possibly happened to change your future path. A glistening gem of a show.

Feet Don't Fail Me Now (Rhythmic Circus), Assembly George Square (*****)

I dare you to see this show and not to come out with your groove on; the music, the musicians, the dancers…the whole vibe is infectious. These cats have joy in their fingers, feet and voices. Each one is a Jedi master of their instruments and their shoes, expertly throwing down the beats like Yoda would if he could tap. You will not be disappointed, I promise you that.

Cabaret Whore (Sarah Louise Young ), Underbelly (****)

The pipes and range on this belter of a performer are astounding. Her vocal talent, stage presence and characters need a bigger stage than the Fringe; she wouldn't be lost or out of place on Radio City! Smutty humour, tongue-in-wherever wit and comedic salutes to the divas of stage, radio and screen. Each character is a blend of personalities from each genre, resulting in a stereotype which takes to the stage boldly, brashly and hugely magnified (like every good cabaret star should be!). A very entertaining show, even if you know nothing about cabaret.

Piatto Finale (Superbolt ), Zoo (****)

A humorous and hugely energetic show, with nods, winks and subtle tributes towards several legendary comedic performance groups (Les Ballet Trock and Monty Python to name but two) in the twisting turning plot which unfolds. A barrage of over the top characters, presented on stage with more imagination than you could shake a stick at. The ideas and concepts which Superbolt employ to tell their murder mystery all add to the charm of their show. They themselves are bursting with comedic timing, boisterous characters and lots of watchability. If you want serious theatre, go elsewhere; come prepared to revel in a buffet of laugh-out-louds.

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