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Music Review...Johnny and the Giros

Deborah McArthur writes about a new discovery she recently made at Stereo.

Torrential rain didn’t stop fans coming out to see Johnny and the Giros at Stereo. Their merchandise T-shirts were on every 2nd person in the place and it made me feel like I had been missing out on something. I had never seen this band before so didn’t now what to expect; I thought they’d probably just be another Indie guitar band.

The six guys took to the stage, and for the first couple of songs I wasn’t 100% sold on them. I felt their music was disjointed. But like any new music I listen to, it takes a few tracks for me to get a handle on their style and before I knew it my toes were tapping. They’re not your usual guitar band: they have heavy bass lines and electronic synths which are contagious.

I am a dance and trance music lover, so any excuse to jump around to a good piece of electronic music and I’m there. But to have the live band encompassed in this was brilliant. I liked the way they combined many different styles and sounds and I realised their music wasn’t disjointed-it was unpredictable, which is hard in this day in age to create something that sounds fresh. Normally at a gig I know when a bass line is going to kick in or the music is going to build and the crowd is going to go nuts, but with Johnny and the Giros they kept me guessing.

My favourite track of the gig was “For Ourselves”. The chords of the synth at the start then the single vocal coming in made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I also liked “Titan”, the way it changes about is brilliant, and listening to the Bovine Edit online is fab!! As you may have guessed since coming back from the gig I’ve been cyber stalking them; checking them out on MySpace, and adding them on Facebook.

This is definitely a band I want to see go far and next time I’ll make sure I have my dancing shoes on.

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