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Music review...The Drums

Deborah McArthur reviews their recent gig at the O2 ABC.

So the snow has been causing havoc all over the country, but that didn’t stop keen gig goers heading to see The Drums on a very chilly Monday evening.

It was a mixed crowd at the O2 ABC; many more men than woman at the gig, which was interesting. I thought this might reflect the type of band that would stand before us and perform, but that wasn’t the case. There was a black out: synth strings started blaring out of the speakers which then turned into an electronic piece of music, keeping the crowd waiting in anticipation.

One by one, the band took to the stage, strobe lights started flashing which created shadows of the band – very cool! All of the band members were in place except for the lead singer. Another flash of the strobe lights and a cheer from the crowd and on walked what can only be described as an eccentric front man; he was extremely theatrical but strangely mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

They started their set with ‘My Best Friend’, which is the 1st track off their self titled album. Perfect track to start the night off with, and it just set the tone for the gig – fast paced, up tempo, full of energy and absolutely amazing!

I’d played their album a few times before going to the gig. Certain songs stuck in my head more than others, but I wouldn’t say I knew every song on it really well. I am still getting acquainted with it, but as each song was performed I felt a real connection with the music. I’m not sure if it’s the lead singer’s stage presence or showmanship or the vintage feel to the music, but it seemed familiar as though this was a band I had been following for years.

There 3rd song they performed was “Book of `Stories’ and I have to admit I love this track. It has a Beatles feel to it, and I am a huge fan of the Beatles. I feel like it’s a track my parents would introduce me to – a true classic in my eyes!

As I looked about the venue, I could see the entire crowd, especially the men, dancing away and getting lost in the music. The band, the music, the sound all have an 80s New Romantic vintage vibe - the way they moved about the stage, the theatricality of it all; mix that with the arty back and side lighting which created a haze effect on the stage as though we were watching an old film. It was the complete package and not just fabulous live music. “Lets go Surfing’ came on and the crowd erupted. You could see that this will be a huge hit for the band. It got me thinking of The Killers 1st album ‘Hot Fuss’ and the amount of amazing tunes on it and this album gives me the same feeling. Track after track is so catchy. I can see it being huge.

I’ve concentrated so much on the lead singer but the rest of the band is very interesting as well. The lead guitarist had moves I had never seen before and the band has a real geek chic coolness to them. The tone of the music, the pitch perfect energetic collection of tracks made for a wonderful experience but then in a flash it was all over. The band came back on for an encore and finished their set with the song ‘Down by the Water’ – one word: FANTASTIC!!

If you haven’t heard of The Drums before now, get the album. I truly recommend it!!!!

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