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Festival Review: 8:8 ****

Michael Cox reviews a thought-provoking production.

Festival Review: Sparkle ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a production that wears its heart on its sleeve'.

Festival Review: My Best Dead Friend ***

Michael Cox reviews 'a pleasant hour of laughter and tears'.

Festival Review: Like Animals ***

Michael Cox reviews an enjoyable production.

Festival Review: Peter Gynt ****

Michael Cox reviews an enjoyable production with a magnificent central performance.

Festival Review: Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran ***

Michael Cox reviews an ambitious production that doesn't completely work.

Festival Review: Frankenstein: How to Make a Monster ***

Michael Cox reviews 'a thrilling hour of music, sound effects and theatricality'.

Festival Review: The Patient Gloria ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a tremendous production that moves as much as it provokes thought'.

Festival Review: Crocodile Fever ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that takes many unexpected turns.

Festival Review: Trying It On ****

Michael Cox reviews a 'production that is far more than it seems'.

Festival Review: How Not to Drown ***

Michael Cox reviews 'an honourable production'.

Festival Review: Enough ***

Michael Cox reviews 'a perfectly enjoyable' production.

Festival Review: Until the Flood ****

Michael Cox reviews 'a brilliant combination of performance, writing and staging'.

Festival Review: Burgerz ****

Michael Cox reviews an important production with a 'witty, personable' performance.

Festival Review: Pan Breid ****

Scott Purvis reviews a 'tight, fast-paced play' filled with hilarious characters.

Festival Review: Gone Full Havisham ****

Scott Purvis reviews 'an enthralling, gross and explosive hour of theatre'.

Festival Review: The Last Five Years ***

Scott Purvis reviews 'a simple yet effectively staged piece'.

Festival Review: The Prisoner ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that's 'far easier to admire than to like'.

Festival Review: Summerhall Round-up 3

Michael Cox reviews The Ballad of the Apathetic Son and his Narcissistic Mother, Extinguished Things, Egg, The Myth of the Singular Moment and Lovecraft (Not the Sex Shop in Cardiff).

Festival Review: Home ***

Ashling Findlay-Carroll reviews a production that starts slow but contains many great moment and an impressive set.

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