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Theatre Review: Chase Scenes ***

Michael Cox reviews a production that has a thought-provoking argument but feels overlong.

Chase Scenes is a production that cannot be accused of false advertising. For roughly an hour, three performers enact 60 different forms of chases, be it based on type, personality or location.

If there’s anything to be admired it is the stamina of the performers, who manage to run around the stage, in place and through the audience for most of the performance. Some chases work more than others, but none overstay their welcome.

If there is a takeaway from watching it, it is in the fact of how ingrained the cinematic grammar of these chases are within our minds—we pretty much know what to expect from each as it’s announced on a screen. This includes the barrage of female screaming that almost always accompanies each chase. The production even illustrates how men usually run for heroic reasons in films where women run for fear of their lives—a thought-provoking argument that more than justifies the production.

However, even if it is under an hour, it does feel overlong as its point is clearly made well before its conclusion.

Chase Scenes performs at the King’s Hall via Summerhall until August 26th (not Mondays).

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