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Theatre Review: Lost at Sea ****

Joy Watters reviews 'a stunning experience'.

Morna Young’s play is a labour of love. Dedicated to her father Donnie who was lost at sea in 1989 when she was a child, it is a heartfelt tribute to Scotland’s fishing communities.

Telling the story of a woman who returns to her birthplace in the northeast seeking the truth about her fisherman father’s death, it also describes the changes in the industry driven by greed and politics.

Young has composed a requiem to the men who vanished, garnering a wealth of material from interviews with fishermen and their families. Twice the subject of rehearsed readings, this is now the impressive main stage debut of Lost At Seadirected by Ian Brown.

Almost operatic in its construction, the action surges up and down, back and forwards in time. Young’s extensive subject matter creates a first half too densely packed but movingly opens out for the latter stages.

An ensemble of nine comprising some of Scotland’s most seasoned actors tells the tale, as individuals and chorus. The story is told with scenes at sea and on dry land, all beautifully choreographed.

Karen Tennent’s dark black set only lifted by a moving grey sea dissected by Katharine Williams’ stunning white lighting make it a visually stunning experience.

On tour until May 24th.

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