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Theatre Review: Revelations ****

Michael Cox reviews a production 'filled with humour, insight and pathos'.

James Rowland is a storyteller. That’s probably the best way to understand the way Revelations unfolds: it’s not about the performance but the story and how he tells it.

And the story that is being told is about how he is asked to donate his sperm so his best friend Sarah and her wife Emma can have a baby.

What’s refreshing is the path that this story takes. This is not a should/shouldn’t he debate (he takes mere seconds to say yes) but about his friendship with Sarah and Emma and what the three go through together.

The story itself is a good tale, filled with humour, insight and pathos. What makes it feel fresh is Rowland’s storytelling techniques: his energy, use of music, ability to bring the audience deeply into the dramatic fold and how he is able to drop grenades of humour and tragedy out of nowhere, creating an emotional gauntlet that is impossible to resist.

Revelations performs at Summerhall at 5.40pm until August 26th.

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